Piano Tiles 2™

سری دوم بازی محبوب Piano Tiles! توسه‌دهنده‌ی بازی سعی نموده تا بازی را جذاب‌تر از سری قبل درست کند. تا آنجا که می‌توانید تمرکز کنید و با سرعت زیاد بر روی کاشی‌های سیاه کلیک کنید. با کسب امتیاز و رکورد زدن، جایزه دریافت کنید. جایزه‌هایی که می‌گیرید می‌توانند آهنگ‌های جدید و زیبایی باشند که با […]

Candy Crush Saga

معمایی خوش‌مزه و اعتیاد‌اآور با صد‌ها مرحله. عوض کنید و راه خود را میان بیش از ۱۰۰ مرحله این بازی خوش‌مزه و اعتیاد‌آور پازلی پیدا کنید.به نظرتان شیرین‌ترین بازی نیست؟  

Subway Surfers

به دنیای معروف فرار و گریز بپیوندید. به Jake کمک کنید تا از دست کارآگاه بد‌اخلاق فرار کند!هر چه سریع‌تر فرار کنید!در مقابل قطار‌هایی که به سوی شما می‌آیند جاخالی دهید!


빅사이즈 전문쇼핑몰 공구우먼 앱을 소개합니다~ 주요 기능 ۰۱ 앱 회원들만을 위한 푸시알림!세일은 언제하지? 혹시나 놓친건 아닐까 불안하셨나요?이제 실시간으로 알려주는 똑똑한 푸시알림이 있으니 걱정마세요!앱 설치 회원님들만을 위한 다양한 이벤트 정보와 혜택을 실시간으로 알려드립니다. ۰۲ 간편한 로그인, 풍성한 혜택!쇼핑할 때마다 매번 로그인해야 하는 번거로움, 회원인증기능을 통해 없앴습니다!비회원이라면? 아이디와 메일주소 입력만으로 끝인 간편회원 등록하고 혜택 챙겨가세요~ ۰۳ 나누면 […]

Heetch, enjoy your night out

Enjoy your night out. Getting your way around town has never been easier : within a couple of clicks, a driver from the Heetch’s community picks you up and drops you off where you want, always in a great mood. Step 1: Connect via FacebookStep 2: Set a pickup and dropoff addresses and order a […]

CarPros – OBD Car Logger

Log everything about your vehicles so that you won’t forget what you did and you know what to do next!Collect and store real time data of your vehicles so that you can visualize many statistics related to your vehicle. 1. LoggerMany people neglect the importance of maintaining oils, chemicals, and many parts that need to […]

Little Galaxy Jumper

This game is sure to impress even the most serious people. Help the monster to find his dear friends. The adventure begins in the distant cosmos. Little monster has lost all of his friends and wants to find them. To do this he will need to go to space adventure. If you want to help […]

Unofficial Reader 4 AO3 FanFiction: Fanfic Library

Unofficial fanfic Reader for the Archive Of Our Own (AO3) web site which has a huge fanfiction library. Search your favourite AO3 fanfics by multiple tags, exclude tags, search by fandom, fanfic title, author, characters and other options; read fanfics right from the app with no need to open them in separate reader app, download […]

KS Vehicles Connect

KS Vehicles Connect offers one-stop mobile access where you can fulfill many of your Kansas vehicle needs from your mobile device. Users will be able to: – View vehicle renewal forms and renew their registration online. – Reserve a spot in line for our largest driver licensing offices. – Take practice written motorcycle and driver’s […]